Which Used Audi is for you?

If like myself you tend to navigate towards certain manufacturers then you need to make an informed decision about which model would suit you best from that manufacturer. Audi is one of the UK’s favourite manufacturers and is included in what is commonly known as the “German Big 3”, with BMW and Mercedes-Benz being the other two luxury automakers. Audi have built and manufactured models to cater for every preference, ranging from the superminis right up to the large 4×4’s. The brand has become synonymous with words such as luxurious, high end, reliable and efficient amongst many other positive adjectives. If you’re looking at your options with regards to the higher spec, more expensive Audi’s then these are the models you need to look at.

Audi A5 – The Audi A5 is an aesthetically beautiful model and yet still manages to maintain the spacious feel of its younger brother, the Audi A4, due to its well-crafted interior and boot space. It is the most user friendly model in the A5 range as it is a five door model, compared to the three door coupe and the three door cabriolet. Now the A5 isn’t as fun to drive as the BMW 4 Series or the Mercedes-Benz C-Class for you driving enthusiasts however if you are more family orientated then this practical model will be perfectly suitable for your needs.

Audi A6 – The Audi A6, like pretty much every Audi, has been crafted magnificently.Audi A6 It is a large executive saloon that rivals the likes of the BMW 5 Series, the Jaguar XF and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. As you would expect with an executive car the A6 benefits from lots of features included as standard however if you do spend extra the price can raise dramatically. This can also make it difficult to price a Second Hand Audi A6 because without knowing the exact features that have been added you could end up paying more or less than the car is worth.

Audi A7 – The Audi A7 is a beautifully styled and spacious executive car available as a Hatchback or Sportback. If you are looking at the likes of the BMW 5 Series GT or a Mercedes-Benz CLS then the Audi A7 is definitely worth looking at to compare them against. You will find a new or Used Audi A7 will come in cheaper than the similar alternatives however there is no denying that it is still a highly desirable car and you will still be paying a big price of roughly £40,000 from new or from roughly £20,000 from used, dependent on what year model you are looking at.

Audi Q3 – The Audi Q3 is a premium, compact SUV that has been produced to cope with the demand for small crossover 4×4’s that represents the entry-level model to Audi’s Q range. Like many of the Audi models the standard package includes a lot of features but the features not included can be added but will add a fair amount to the price tag, which can make the costing of a Second Hand Audi Q3 difficult. This model can be chosen as a two or four-wheel drive and is available as a petrol or diesel variant. All the engine choices are strong and powerful that will provide you with plenty of speed out on the road. The cabin is a little tight in the back but the quality of the interior is still up to Audi’s usual standards.

Audi Q5 – The Audi Q5 shows Audi’s determination to cover all the SUV bases. The Q5 sits in between the smaller Q3 and the larger Q5 and has been designed to compete against the likes of the BMW X3, the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque and the Volvo XC60. If you’re looking for an off-road type of car then the Q5 probably isn’t best suited to fit your need. The reason I say this is because Audi seem to have aimed it more towards people who are looking for a medium sized estate but prefer to have an elevated driving position. Aesthetically the Q5 looks very stylish however this model is expensive to buy, whether you’re looking at a new or Used Audi Q5. You should also take into account that this model contains a thirsty petrol engine so be sure to take that into account when looking for the best fit Audi for yourself.

Audi Q7 – The final instalment of the Q range is the Audi Q7 and it is one of the most executive models Audi have produced. Whilst the Q7 may not be able to compare to the Land Rover Range Rover when it comes to off-road ability, the Audi A7 does hide two tricks up its sleeve. Audi Q7Audi have fitted every Q7 with seven seats, providing them extra seats required for a big family, and its extensive body manages to hide what is a very generous sized boot. Despite these two trump cars the sheer size of the Q7 does make it difficult to park and the back two seats are not suitable for adults. The Q7 is also very expensive to run and £20 is likely to get you 100 miles tops. If you are looking at a Used Audi Q7 then be sure to give it a good check over because the large wheels are easily damaged and will require expensive tyre changes if you have any trouble with them.

Audi RS4 – If you are more interested in getting an impressive performance out of your car then the RS ranges certainly need to be looked at. With the Audi RS4 you will now only be able to find the saloon model as a used car because it has been discontinued to make way for the new Audi RS5. However the RS4 is still available from new as an Avant model. The RS4 provides you with masses of power, grip and an adrenaline fuelled drive yet can still be docile when you require it to be.

Audi RS6 – When it comes to the speed of an Audi RS6 it has the straight-line performance to put a Porsche 911 to shame yet with the Porsche 911 there is limited space in the cabin compared to the RS6 which has the cabin space to comfortably hold a family using it as their everyday car. The RS6 is also very capable in bends but just lacks the same level of engagement in the ride compared to dedicated sports cars like the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG and the Porsche 911. Because of Audi’s renowned reliability picking up a new or Second Hand Audi RS6 shouldn’t leave you with any fear of the car breaking down, as long as it has been looked after properly.