STP Engine Treatment

STP have launched a new fuel and engine treatment which should see your cars efficiency improved significantly by keeping your engine and other parts at their best. The Product is called MPMT, which stands for Multi-Purpose Motor Treatment, and it very much is ‘Multi-Purpose’: It can be used on farm equipment, powered garden tools, boats and chain saws as well as cars, vans, trucks and motorbikes.

STP MPMT rezervoarThe MPMT will work wonders, after only applying it once, emissions will be cut, your engine will be protected and your fuel delivery system will be cleaned which will help in terms of efficiency. All in all, applying this treatment should help your car last for much longer, and do not be discouraged if you have an old or second hand car, for it is never too late to see the benefits.

Not only will it save you money by boosting your vehicles efficiency, but it may also help cut your service costs, as your engine will be in good condition, for longer.