BMW to go down the Apple Genius route

In this day and age servicing your car regularly is not the only way to ensure that your vehicle is operating to the best of its ability, something that BMW are addressing with their new “Genius” system.

The capabilities of our cars are ever growing and are desire for our cars to be more than something that gets us from A to B means that the technology featured in the cabin is becoming ever more advanced.genius

These are all things that we like to hear, though there is one problem, half of us haven’t got a clue how to optimise this new technology. I was massively impressed with myself when I managed to hook my iPhone up to my 2004 second hand Honda Civic, but my tech-savvy son came along and demonstrated how I had only scratched the surface, and there is plenty to do in order to get the most out of your vehicle, in all respects.

I first read about this at, and found it interesting that BMW are putting into place an initiative which should help the layman get to grips with the technology which is at his disposal; “BMW Genius Everywhere”. This scheme is very similar to that used by Apple, who have tech-experts on the shop floor to answer any questions that a customer may want answering. They will not be the sales-people, but purely there for their knowledge, should you wish to buy, they will then direct you to a member of the sales team.

Unfortunately there isn’t a similar system with Honda, so I shall just have to settle for playing my iPhone through the CD player