Chevrolet Kalos Car Review

The Chevy Kalos is an entry-level General Motors (GM) car, meaning that it is one of the less expensive cars offered by the company. The car’s price shouldn’t dissuade buyers tough. The Kalos offers terrific value for the money. The car is reliable, stylish, and affordable to purchase and run.

The Kalos is built adequately inside and out, but it isn’t a high class car that has been built with top not products. It is an inexpensive ride that provides transportation for its passengers, but not much more than that.

The cabin is made of mostly plastic features that make the cabin look like it was built on a budget. The exterior design is decent and has good lines. The Kia’s bumper moldings make the three door car more attractive.

Buyers have their choice between two petrol engines. Both engines are economical and similar in quality build. The petrol engines are efficient enough that a diesel alternative is not needed.

The Kalos has a tall roof and plenty of space in the cabin for front and rear passengers. The adequate cabin space especially in the rear makes it more attractive than many of the competitors.


This larger supermini comes with an attractive price tag for those who want a stylish practical car but are also on a budget. The car’s engines are very economical, yet have a simple enough design that if you have engine problems it won’t cost a fortune to fix. Insurance and maintenance costs are low too, so combined with Chevrolet’s warranty and servicing package and the Kalos offers great value for cost.

Compared to other superminis the Kalos has great cabin and boot space. If additional cargo space is needed the rear seats fold down creating extra room.

Controls and dials are very simple and easy to use. There is nothing fancy or complicated about the control system in the Kalos, it is all very basic. Most of the cabin’s features are plastic, nothing real elaborate but it is all functional.

The Kalos will not be comfortable to everyone. Seating and steering wheel adjustments are limited and may not adjust comfortably to suit all body types. The fabric upholstery covering the seats has a less than quality feel, and the seats lack side bolstering.

The car has adequate accessibility. Rear riding passengers must fold down the front seats in order to gain access to the back, but the front seats are lightweight and are easily moved. The roof of the car is tall and rear passengers shouldn’t have to bend too low to access the cabin.

The Kalos is a very simple car to park, it provides all around great visibility, and light easy steering. Parking sensors are not included but they aren’t really necessary in the Kalos either.

Life Style

Chevrolet KalosThe Kalos is not a powerful car. It is economical and practical for someone who does a lot of city driving or who wants an economical commuter car. Steering feedback is lacking, but the standard ABS braking system works well.

The Kalos is plenty large enough to transport a family from point A to point B. It is not a powerful car though and the small engines may struggle with any terrain that is even the slightest bit challenging. The Kalos was designed for city travel and not rough or adventurous terrain.

The Kalos would make a great first car. It’s affordable and a good size for novice drivers. The Kalos would be affordable to run and insure, and it doesn’t have the kind of power that might get a new or inexperienced driver into trouble.

The Kalos was first owned by Daewoo and is now owned by Chevy. The car is basically the same, but Chevrolet believes that the addition of the Chevy symbol has increased the cars image, especially with teenagers and younger drivers. It is unclear how the UK will view the Kalos.

Security and Safety

Chevrolet has outfitted the Kalos with keyless entry and an immobilizer system. This car is probably not high on a thief’s hit list for auto theft. Of course, an alarm could be added for good measure.

The car is outfitted with driver and front passenger airbags, all of the seats come equipped with three-point seat belts for additional safety. Isofix child seat mounts are located in the rear on the right and left passenger sides.

The Finishing Touches

The Kalos comes equipped with a standard stereo unit that includes a CD player and speakers. Sound quality is good and is capable of producing enough sound to drown out the engine noise.

The Kalos looks more attractive in bold colors such as red or white. Some colors may not just be ugly on the Kalos, but they may actually reduce the car’s resale value. The cars interior is completely grey.


In the United States the Kalos is called the Aveo and is the best selling entry level car. The Kalos is a large sized car within its sector, it’s fairly comfortable, inexpensive and reliable. Kalos doesn’t beat out all the competitors, but it does merit serious consideration.

Dodge Background Information

Dodge LogoJohn and Horace Dodge brought their bicycle and machine factory to Detroit, Michigan, USA in 1901. There they helped design parts for early Oldsmobiles. In 1902 they were approached by Henry Ford and assisted him in financing his auto company. They also made parts for Ford. By 1914 they were ready to start their own company, naming it Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicle Company. They sued Ford over dividends and expansion plans in 1917 ending that business relationship before the company was sold in 1925 to Dillon, Read, & Company. On July 31, 1928, Dodge was acquired by Chrysler Corp where it remains today. Chrysler used the Dodge brand on light commercial vehicles. Dodge disappeared in Europe for years due to the collapse of it’s parent company, Chrysler Europe in 1977, reemerging in the mid 90s with the release of the Dodge Neon SRT-4. Today the Dodge division is mostly known for it’s trucks but they are aiming to change that by releasing additional models and promoting them heavily throughout Europe.



Proton Logo

Proton is Malaysia’s first automobile manufacturer founded in 1983 by the Prime Minister. The first Proton was manufactured in 1985, the Proton Saga. Mitsubishi was the sole supplier of parts initially for Proton but slowly facilities were developed that allowed the company to produce their own parts.

Proton has since produced higher end models and the Proton Impian introduced in 2004 was the first car to be produced completely by Proton. In 1996 the company acquired Lotus technologies and with it acquired expertise and skill.

Proton has acquired other companies and shares as well, and in 2004 Proton teamed with Volkswagen AG. The agreement would be mutually beneficial for the two car makers. In 2007, Volkswagen is expected to buy a majority percentage of Proton.

Some popular Proton models include the Proton Impian, the Proton Gen-2, and the Proton Savvy.

The Proton Impian is the first passenger car designed completely by Proton. The Impian is a compact four-door saloon. The Impian was first introduced in 2000 with production continuing to date.

The Proton Gen-2 is a compact five-door hatchback that was first released in 2004. The Gen-2 replaced the Proton Wira. Production of the Gen-2 continues to date.

The Proton Savvy is a supermini. The Savvy comes in five-door hatchback form and replaced the Proton Tiara. The Savvy was first produced in 2005 and continues to the present.

Second Hand Alfa Romeo Cars

Alfa Romeo cars have and are becoming are brand that seem to popping up on the UK roads more and more over the past couple of decades. The performance of Alfa Romeo cars are getting better and better and they have a built up a reputation of manufacturing aesthetically pleasing cars.

The durability of the Alfa Romeo models have been bought into question in the past, however they have been working tirelessly over the past decade to improve the quality of their cars. This is great news for people who are interested in buying Second Hand Alfa Romeo’s simply due to the correction of previous problems. Below are a few of the Alfa Romeo’s you should be able to pick up second hand and obviously at a decent cost.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta – The Giulietta is a considerable improvement on the Alfa Romeo 147 which I personally feel was a disappointment. You may or may not be surprised to know that the Giulietta is loosely based on the Fiat Bravo. The grille on the front is a real trademark of the Alfa Romeo brand and the LED lighting on the front and rear really makes this car a real eye catcher.Alfa Romeo Giulietta
The engine options available on the Giulietta are all turbocharged so anybody with a lust for speed will be satisfied with whichever range they choose.
The interior is an area that has actively been addressed and improved without taking away the quality, distinctive interior that Alfa Romeo have made their own. Obviously when looking at a Used Alfa Romeo Giulietta the sound advice is to check for any damage/scratches to the interior. A damaged interior is one of my biggest pet peeves, the reason being a damaged exterior could be down to an accident or act of vandalism however a damaged interior can only be blamed on the owner and if they can’t look after their interior then it makes me question how well they looked after the rest of their car.

Alfa Romeo GT – When it comes to the GT model, unfortunately I believe there to be far too many negatives that outweigh the positives. Although it is fairly roomy for a 5-seat cabin and still has the desirable exterior, which you have come to expect from an Alfa Romeo, the problems range from water pump failure, timing belt going after as little as 40,000 miles, clutch failure and brake failure. These failures are all major problems for a car so if you have an interest in a Second Hand Alfa Romeo GT be sure to have it properly checked and ask the appropriate questions. You never know you could be the lucky one who has found a used Alfa Romeo GT that has already had these negatives replaced.

Alfa Romeo 156 – As we have become accustomed to over the years the 156 is another visually stunning Alfa Romeo and does have various fabulous engines available for their customers to choose between. It is probably not the best car for a family because the rear space is very limited and the boot does not have the space required to fit many suitcases. I would say the 156 model is aimed towards young professionals who are looking for a flashy car and don’t have the responsibilities of children. The comfort of the car is commonly praised so if you are looking for a good looking, yet comfortable ride do not be afraid to include a Second Hand Alfa Romeo 156 as one of your options.

Alfa Romeo Mito – As a premium supermini model the Mito is still a fairly new model, so to find a used Mito may require a bit of extra patience.Alfa Romeo Mito However, as mentioned before Alfa Romeo, they look fantastic so the extra patience will certainly pay dividends. The safety of a Mito is superb and has actually scored the maximum five-star rating in crash tests conducted by Euro NCAP. All versions of the Alfa Romeo Mito also come with an alarm and immobiliser, so be rest assured this is not an easy car to be stolen.

Popular Used BMW Cars

BMW have produced some of the most popular models on the UK car market when buying from new however I am going to talk you through the positives and negatives of some of the most popular used BMW models.

A Used BMW 1 Series is one of the most desirable, small family cars available and will provide you with a strong combination of performance, economy and emissions. It is the only rear drive hatch in its class yet is still a well handled and comfortable ride. The steering of the 1 Series does feel a little light which, as an adverse effect, makes the steering feel very quick. This can lead to a slight feeling of nervousness when driving the car at high speeds however it is nothing an experienced driver should be worried about.

A good quality Used BMW 3 Series should deliver the same excellent economy and performance as a new BMW 5 Series as long as it has been looked after BMW-3-Seriescarefully by its previous owner. It is one of the best executive models on the market and will provide you with some fine handling when driving, which makes it a fun and exciting model to drive. Once again BMW provide you with a luxurious and spacious cabin that lives upto its executive feel. The 3 Series is not as refined as some of its rivals and to make the ride handle a bit better, the optional adjustable suspension would be a feature I suggest you take up.

The BMW 5 Series is an executive model that provides a sense of class to its owner. It is a spacious and refined model that provides a big variety of engines to choose from, all of which can provide you with low running costs. As long as the right options are chosen the 5 Series manages to strike just the right balance between comfort, dynamic excellence and refinement. BMW have built up a reputation of top quality interiors, providing you with a plush and expensive feel, and the BMW 5 Series is no different. Unfortunately some features do not come as standard and are expensive to add which can make the selling of a used 5 Series difficult to determine.

Moving further up the scale a popular BMW is a Used BMW 7 Series. Firstly, as with all BMW’s, the cabin is difficult to fault simply because there is lots of space and the upholstery has been fitted to the highest of standards. The engines available are also smooth and potent but still able to provide you with superb efficiency throughout the engine specs.BMW 7 SeriesThe BMW 7 Series has been designed to appeal and accommodate to cars that have the front and rear used regularly, which they have managed to do, however on the flip side of this the ride is just too harsh and gives out too much of a tyre roar for a car that is essentially a luxury limo.

If you are looking for a slightly bigger model then just take a look at the X-range models. A Used BMW X1 will provide you with a refined cruiser that is still pretty economical in terms of fuel and the low emissions it produces. The ride of the X3 is also pretty composed, more so when driving around bends. Just be wary that the steering feels a little inconsistently weighted which could make you feel a little nervous when driving at high speeds on the motorway. The BMW X1 isn’t the most practical of models and some of the interior trim doesn’t quite meet the high expectations we associate with BMW cars.

When looking at a Second Hand BMW X3 the first thing you’re likely to notice is its striking looks that really make you take notice of the car. In its class it is one of the best models available on the UK car market and has only limited competition from other manufacturers. Despite its size the running costs are reasonably affordable. The cabin is really spacious and will easily fit four adults however due to the wide transmission tunnel the middle, rear passenger seat can be uncomfortable.

As a large SUV the BMW X5 handles exceptionally well and is unexpectedly agile whilst also still managing to provide a strong performance and surprisingly good fuel economy.BMW X5 The BMW X5 has an impressive interior quality and is wonderfully comfortable due to the space each passenger receives. Now the sheer size of this model does mean that it can be difficult to park so taking shopping trips in an urban area may prove difficult. The refinement of this model could also be significantly improved as there is a lot of road noise, especially on the likes of A-roads and motorways.

If you’re looking for a sportier model, then a Second Hand BMW Z4 really is a terrific car. The exterior looks superb and the cabin oozes the same amount of quality too. The engines available are very powerful and the handling makes for an agile and enjoyable ride. The Z4 is the real deal for any sports car enthusiast and gives you a great feeling every time you climb inside to drive it. The boot space is limited, especially if you have the roof down however a car like this isn’t designed to take you places that require a lot of luggage, it is a car to have fun in and take for rides over the weekend.

Which Used Audi is for you?

If like myself you tend to navigate towards certain manufacturers then you need to make an informed decision about which model would suit you best from that manufacturer. Audi is one of the UK’s favourite manufacturers and is included in what is commonly known as the “German Big 3”, with BMW and Mercedes-Benz being the other two luxury automakers. Audi have built and manufactured models to cater for every preference, ranging from the superminis right up to the large 4×4’s. The brand has become synonymous with words such as luxurious, high end, reliable and efficient amongst many other positive adjectives. If you’re looking at your options with regards to the higher spec, more expensive Audi’s then these are the models you need to look at.

Audi A5 – The Audi A5 is an aesthetically beautiful model and yet still manages to maintain the spacious feel of its younger brother, the Audi A4, due to its well-crafted interior and boot space. It is the most user friendly model in the A5 range as it is a five door model, compared to the three door coupe and the three door cabriolet. Now the A5 isn’t as fun to drive as the BMW 4 Series or the Mercedes-Benz C-Class for you driving enthusiasts however if you are more family orientated then this practical model will be perfectly suitable for your needs.

Audi A6 – The Audi A6, like pretty much every Audi, has been crafted magnificently.Audi A6 It is a large executive saloon that rivals the likes of the BMW 5 Series, the Jaguar XF and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. As you would expect with an executive car the A6 benefits from lots of features included as standard however if you do spend extra the price can raise dramatically. This can also make it difficult to price a Second Hand Audi A6 because without knowing the exact features that have been added you could end up paying more or less than the car is worth.

Audi A7 – The Audi A7 is a beautifully styled and spacious executive car available as a Hatchback or Sportback. If you are looking at the likes of the BMW 5 Series GT or a Mercedes-Benz CLS then the Audi A7 is definitely worth looking at to compare them against. You will find a new or Used Audi A7 will come in cheaper than the similar alternatives however there is no denying that it is still a highly desirable car and you will still be paying a big price of roughly £40,000 from new or from roughly £20,000 from used, dependent on what year model you are looking at.

Audi Q3 – The Audi Q3 is a premium, compact SUV that has been produced to cope with the demand for small crossover 4×4’s that represents the entry-level model to Audi’s Q range. Like many of the Audi models the standard package includes a lot of features but the features not included can be added but will add a fair amount to the price tag, which can make the costing of a Second Hand Audi Q3 difficult. This model can be chosen as a two or four-wheel drive and is available as a petrol or diesel variant. All the engine choices are strong and powerful that will provide you with plenty of speed out on the road. The cabin is a little tight in the back but the quality of the interior is still up to Audi’s usual standards.

Audi Q5 – The Audi Q5 shows Audi’s determination to cover all the SUV bases. The Q5 sits in between the smaller Q3 and the larger Q5 and has been designed to compete against the likes of the BMW X3, the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque and the Volvo XC60. If you’re looking for an off-road type of car then the Q5 probably isn’t best suited to fit your need. The reason I say this is because Audi seem to have aimed it more towards people who are looking for a medium sized estate but prefer to have an elevated driving position. Aesthetically the Q5 looks very stylish however this model is expensive to buy, whether you’re looking at a new or Used Audi Q5. You should also take into account that this model contains a thirsty petrol engine so be sure to take that into account when looking for the best fit Audi for yourself.

Audi Q7 – The final instalment of the Q range is the Audi Q7 and it is one of the most executive models Audi have produced. Whilst the Q7 may not be able to compare to the Land Rover Range Rover when it comes to off-road ability, the Audi A7 does hide two tricks up its sleeve. Audi Q7Audi have fitted every Q7 with seven seats, providing them extra seats required for a big family, and its extensive body manages to hide what is a very generous sized boot. Despite these two trump cars the sheer size of the Q7 does make it difficult to park and the back two seats are not suitable for adults. The Q7 is also very expensive to run and £20 is likely to get you 100 miles tops. If you are looking at a Used Audi Q7 then be sure to give it a good check over because the large wheels are easily damaged and will require expensive tyre changes if you have any trouble with them.

Audi RS4 – If you are more interested in getting an impressive performance out of your car then the RS ranges certainly need to be looked at. With the Audi RS4 you will now only be able to find the saloon model as a used car because it has been discontinued to make way for the new Audi RS5. However the RS4 is still available from new as an Avant model. The RS4 provides you with masses of power, grip and an adrenaline fuelled drive yet can still be docile when you require it to be.

Audi RS6 – When it comes to the speed of an Audi RS6 it has the straight-line performance to put a Porsche 911 to shame yet with the Porsche 911 there is limited space in the cabin compared to the RS6 which has the cabin space to comfortably hold a family using it as their everyday car. The RS6 is also very capable in bends but just lacks the same level of engagement in the ride compared to dedicated sports cars like the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG and the Porsche 911. Because of Audi’s renowned reliability picking up a new or Second Hand Audi RS6 shouldn’t leave you with any fear of the car breaking down, as long as it has been looked after properly.

Quick and easy parts

Are you in need of a replacement part for your vehicle?

Perhaps your car has recently failed its MOT and you’ve been told that you need some work doing to it?

Well before you hand over any cash, or agree to any work being done, it’s worth looking online to find out where you can get the part you need. And thanks to sites with broad supplier networks it is now easier than ever to be sure that you’re getting the best deal you can.

For example, say you need the clutch replaced on your Citroen C3. At a site such as or you simply fill in the respective form with this information and let them do the rest.

Typically, parts sites will have a network of around 250 brokers which are located all over the country. Your information is sent off to these suppliers, and the ones who have the part you need in stock will reply to you via email with a quote – and this usually happens within a short space of time, as little as 10 to 15 minutes.

All that’s left for you to do is compare the quotes you receive and choose the deal which is right for you. The process is quick and efficient, and ensures you pay the cheapest price.

BMW to go down the Apple Genius route

In this day and age servicing your car regularly is not the only way to ensure that your vehicle is operating to the best of its ability, something that BMW are addressing with their new “Genius” system.

The capabilities of our cars are ever growing and are desire for our cars to be more than something that gets us from A to B means that the technology featured in the cabin is becoming ever more advanced.

These are all things that we like to hear, though there is one problem, half of us haven’t got a clue how to optimise this new technology. I was massively impressed with myself when I managed to hook my iPhone up to my 2004 second hand Honda Civic, but my tech-savvy son came along and demonstrated how I had only scratched the surface, and there is plenty to do in order to get the most out of your vehicle, in all respects.

I first read about this at, and found it interesting that BMW are putting into place an initiative which should help the layman get to grips with the technology which is at his disposal; “BMW Genius Everywhere”. This scheme is very similar to that used by Apple, who have tech-experts on the shop floor to answer any questions that a customer may want answering. They will not be the sales-people, but purely there for their knowledge, should you wish to buy, they will then direct you to a member of the sales team.

Unfortunately there isn’t a similar system with Honda, so I shall just have to settle for playing my iPhone through the CD player

STP Engine Treatment

STP MPMT rezervoar

STP have launched a new fuel and engine treatment which should see your cars efficiency improved significantly by keeping your engine and other parts at their best. The Product is called MPMT, which stands for Multi-Purpose Motor Treatment, and it very much is ‘Multi-Purpose’: It can be used on farm equipment, powered garden tools, boats and chain saws as well as cars, vans, trucks and motorbikes.

The MPMT will work wonders, after only applying it once, emissions will be cut, your engine will be protected and your fuel delivery system will be cleaned which will help in terms of efficiency. All in all, applying this treatment should help your car last for much longer, and do not be discouraged if you have an old or second hand car, for it is never too late to see the benefits.

Not only will it save you money by boosting your vehicles efficiency, but it may also help cut your service costs, as your engine will be in good condition, for longer.